Women of Colour in Leadership

Two women sit together engaging in a women of colour in leadership coaching session.

Are you a Black, Indigenous, or woman of colour interested in 1:1 or small group coaching to catalyze your career journey?

In her book “The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table,” Minda Harts shares that she interviewed more than 100 women of colour and asked them if they used a career coach. Only five said yes. When she asked those five where they heard about executive coaching they said their white colleagues had coaches. 

Meet Valery: Women of Colour in Leadership Coach

As a mixed-race, Latinx woman of colour, Valery understands what it feels like to be the “only one in the room.” This lived expertise lies at the centre of her practice as a career and leadership coach.

“As a former executive with large health and social sector organizations, I have the lived experience of having gained a seat at the table. And, as a woman of colour, I know what it’s like to feel like an outsider even as you take that seat.”

Valery Navarrete

Click here to read Valery’s bio and learn more about her anti-oppressive approach.

Valery is Here for You and Your Goals

As a coach, Valery is dedicated to leveraging her lived expertise to help catalyze the career journeys of Black, Indigenous, and racialized women. Whether you:

  • Know what you want, or need help to figure it out.
  • Want to improve your current situation, or navigate to a new one.
  • Are looking to move up, or laterally.

“Valery’s group and one-on-one coaching provided relevant perspectives and connections to valuable resources to support my current professional goals. The whole experience was fantastic.” – Marialejandra Reyes, Social Consultant

1:1 and Small Group Options Available

Valery is available to work with you 1:1 immediately.

Valery also offers a cohort coaching experience called The Circle: Women of Colour in Leadership to organizations and groups.

Black, Indigenous, and women of colour often experience pay inequity. Therefore, sliding scale pricing is available.

Reach out for a free consultation!

Valery’s Why as a Career and Leadership Coach

To learn more about Valery’s why as a career and leadership coach, check out the short clip below from her recent interview with Passion Coach Shilbee Dhalla-Kim:


The Circle is Valery’s signature online group coaching experience. It is tailor made for racialized women in (or interested in) leadership at any level.

Join a cohort of women of colour ready to take on intersectional barriers and tap into your unique gifts, together.