What Clients Say

“Valery’s creativity, community-focused approach, and understanding of the social impact sector supported us to move beyond our day-to-day operations to think about the bigger picture regarding our impact.”

Ryan Fukunaga, Executive Director, Free Geek Toronto

“With her gentle and perceptive guidance and insight, Valery brought our diverse and slightly scattered team together around our common objectives and desired impact. Valery led an inclusive and reflective session that left all participants feeling seen, heard, and understood. This renewed our resolve to keep at it!”

Stephanie Austin, Director of Policy and Engagement, Public Service Accessibility, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

“Organizational structural resets are extremely tough to navigate. Fortunately, Valery and Marlo . . . guided us masterfully throughout the delicate process of creating new and sustainable ways to manage our internal priorities. They both took the time needed to get to understand our internal structures and coached our team extensively to ensure long-lasting results. They both proved to be human-first and were very insightful in steering us the right way!”

Celeste Trianon, Trans Rights Advocate, Centre for Gender Advocacy

With Valery’s leadership, our Board arrived at professional strategic plan that we all understand and use to guide our decision-making.  Using a solid framework that achieves results, Valery listened, picked up quickly on our context, provided relevant knowledge and research, and facilitated  commitment to our identified goals. This was all accomplished within our allotted time frame. We’re very pleased to have chosen Valery to lead the development of our much needed strategic plan.

Donna Czukar, Volunteer Board Chair, Flamborough Connects

“Thanks, Valery, for your leadership on the development of our strategic plan. We’ve had such an overwhelming response. Its simple messaging and practical milestones make it a powerful living document guiding our work.”

Lori Spadorcia, Chief Strategy Officer and SVP, Communications and Partnerships, CAMH