150 Leading Canadians for Mental Health

In 2017-18 I led a national mental health advocacy campaign celebrating diverse mental health leaders from across Canada to catalyze dialogue and action on mental health. I delivered governance and strategic oversight including management of a National Committee made up of business, political, and arts and social sector leaders from across Canada. Through my integration of CAMH’s internal and external digital marketing, media relations, events, and public policy expertise this highly successful initiative attracted 30 million+ media impressions, and delivered five sold-out cross- Canada celebration events and a symposium that trended nationally on Twitter.

Click here to read the inspiring stories of the 150 Leading Canadians for Mental Health. While on the site also take a look at the three issue papers I authored advocating for urgent and increased national action on mental health.

Intersectional Storytelling

In 2018, I co-produced the “Real Talk” program track for Reset, a weekend-long immersive digital detox experience. “Real Talk” programming focused on dialogue and connection. A program highlight for many was a series of storytelling circles I co-created. The circles invited people to witness each others’ experiences of identities that mainstream society pushes to the margins. Circles were open to anyone who identified with the identity each one featured. People were invited to attend all that were relevant to them and to create new circles as desired. A number of participants reflected that sharing and listening in circles focused on their experiences as racialized people, LGBTQ+, people living with mental health challenges, and other identities played an essential role in making Reset a safe(r) space for them.