Steve Fick on 25 Years of Living in Community

Episode 11: Steve Fick on 25 Years of Living in Community

“This didn’t feel like much of a community when we moved in. And now everybody says, ‘Ah, this is such a great place to live!’”

Steve Fick

 Steve Fick has lived at Terra Firma, one of the Ottawa-region’s only cohousing communities, for more than 25 years, and is one of its founders. From shared meals, to shared tools, to neighbourhood-wide street parties and art tours, his insights from a lifetime of centring community are the inspiration we all need to seek more “us” in our lives! 

A painting of Terra Firma Cohousing co-founder Steve Fick is centred on the turquoise episode artwork for Life Without Us podcast episode ten. The episode title appears in a yellow box with turquoise writing: Steve Fick on 25 Years of Living in Community.
Painting by Steve Fick

In Steve Fick on 25 Years of Living in Community:

  • The organizing journey that allowed the Terra Firma co-founders to build enough faith and trust in each other and the concept that one couple bought into the project site unseen when the right property surfaced
  • How Terra Firma’s residents turned six residences into seven, plus a common space, and an oasis of a shared backyard right in the middle of an existing single-family home neighbourhood in Ottawa, Ontario 
  • The benefits for parents, children (and later grandchildren!) of raising a family in a cohousing community 
  • Insights on managing conflict in a manner that balances quick, effective repair with the human need for pause using skills like non-violent communication and compassionate listening, and having a budget for a mediator 
  • How an entire neighbourhood joined together in a street party to celebrate Terra Firma Cohousing’s 25 year anniversary. A gathering that Steve describes as “a little piece of heaven”
  • Steve’s latest co-created community project: The Old Ottawa East Art Tour 
  • Why there’s no room for new members in Terra Firma (hint: because all the original founders are still there!)

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