Moving Through Life Without Us

Episode 8: Moving Through Life Without Us

Inspired by the stories of the Life Without Us podcast’s season one guests, host Valery mics up with a surprise special guest to reflect on what we loved, learned, and are looking forward to as we wrap up the show’s inaugural season. 

In pale yellow font the words Season One Finale dominate the centre of the turquoise episode artwork for episode eight of the Life Without Us podcast. In the bottom right corner the episode title Moving Through Life Without Us is written in turquoise writing within a pale yellow rectangle.

In this episode:

  • Which stories of community and connection inspired the most reflection
  • Which guests most nudged us towards change . . . and what might that change look like?
  • Moments of discomfort on what it means to show up well in community 
  • Bringing back the classic unplanned phone call to stay connected
  • Boundaries: why we need them and how to manage them
  • What’s next for the Life Without Us podcast.

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No One Should Have to Live a Life Without Us

On the Life Without Us podcast, Valery Navarrete shared two seasons of stories about community and connection to inspire more of us to have more “us” in our lives.

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