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Host Valery Navarrete shares stories about community and connection to inspire more of us to have more “us” in our lives.

Life Without Us host Valery Navarrete is a strategist, facilitator, and community builder who wants to inspire more of us to have more "us" in our lives.  She is pictured here on a turquoise background under the heading Life Without Us.

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Latest Episode: Moving Through Life Without Us

Inspired by the stories of the Life Without Us podcast’s season one guests, host Valery is joined by a special guest to reflect on what we loved, learned, and are looking forward to as we wrap up the show’s inaugural season. 

Episode #7: Hima Batavia on the Friendship Renaissance

Inspired by an edition of writer, artist, and cultural designer Hima Batavia’s weekly newsletter host Valery and Hima mic’d up for this double episode unpacking the role of friendship in our lives, and in our concepts of community.

Episode #6: Natalie Bay on the Magic Ingredient of Food

Natalie Bay hit video call fatigue early on in the pandemic. Then one day she texted some friends in a group chat about her ‘boring’ plans to make macaroni and cheese with the leftovers in her fridge. Join Valery as she drops into a ‘Cooking with Nat’ class one year after this group of friends started gathering to (virtually) cook and eat together. 

Episode #5: Craig Ruttan on Housing Solutions

Craig Ruttan bought his first home this year giving him a front row seat to the urban housing issues he was already familiar with as a public policy leader and community enthusiast. Craig talked to Valery just three weeks after he and his co-buyers moved into their new home.

Episode #4: Louise Bardswich on Independence Through Community

Louise Bardswich is one of the four headline making (and legislation inspiring) Golden Girls of Port Perry. Louise and host Valery connected in February to talk about how to re-imagine what aging in place can look like. 

Episode #3: Karim Rizkallah on Listeners’ Questions

Karim Rizkallah has a 21 year relationship with living in community and is a Life Without Us podcast key contributor. Karim joins Valery to answer listeners’ questions about how to community.

Episode #2: Gillian Morris on How to Share Your Space

Gillian Morris has been founding and living in coliving communities since 2015 and is the co-editor of the Supernuclear Guide to Coliving. Host Valery talks to Gillian about how to make living with other adults who are not your family work.

Episode #1: Adil Dhalla on the Feeling of Community

Adil Dhalla is a community organizer and the Director of Community for Reset, a social enterprise that has been making pop up playgrounds since 2015. Valery and Adil talk all things community seven months after he moved into and she moved out of the Clarens Commons cohouse in Toronto.

About Life Without Us

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In each 30ish minute episode strategist, facilitator, and community builder Valery Navarrete talks to guests from all walks of life who share their stories about community and connection to inspire more of us to have more “us” in our lives.

Read more about why we need more “us” and the hope of community here.

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