Life Without Us Podcast

On the Life Without Us podcast, Valery Navarrete shared two seasons of stories about community and connection to inspire more of us to have more “us” in our lives.

Latest Episode: Karim Rizkallah & Valery Navarrete on Founding Community

Like most founders, Valery and Karim didn’t know what they didn’t know. In the last episode of Life Without Us, they celebrate the five year anniversary of kickstarting the Clarens Commons community through a look back on their experience as founders. 

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Past Life Without Us Episodes

Episode 15: Pete Bombaci on Guidelines for Human Connection
Episode 14: Luisa Ji & Luc Lalande on Community Futures
Episode 13: Indi Madar on Building BIPOC Community
Episode 12: Tanya Cothran on Conscious Friendship
Episode 11: Steve Fick on 25 Years of Living in Community
Episode 10: Craig Ruttan on Navigating Neighbourhood Change
Episode 9: Valery Navarrete on The Time We Have, The Time We Lost

Season One

Episode 8: Moving Through Life Without Us
Episode 7: Hima Batavia on the Friendship Renaissance
Episode 6: Natalie Bay on the Magic Ingredient of Food
Episode 5: Craig Ruttan on Housing Solutions
Episode 4: Louise Bardswich on Independence Through Community
Episode 3: Karim Rizkallah on Listeners’ Questions
Episode 2: Gillian Morris on How to Share Your Space
Episode 1: Adil Dhalla on the Feeling of Community

About Life Without Us

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Across two seasons of eight, 30ish minute episodes, Strategist, Facilitator, and Community builder Valery Navarrete shared stories about community and connection to inspire more of us to have more “us” in our lives.

Read more about why we need more “us” and the hope of community here.

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