Karim Rizkallah on Listeners’ Questions

Episode 3: Karim Rizkallah on Listeners’ Questions

“You gotta be honest about your hard lines; but, also be as generous as possible, because when you live in a collective the goal can’t be getting your way and convincing everyone else you need to get your way. The goal ought to be finding something for the collective that is as good and as safe for everyone as possible.”

Karim Rizkallah

Karim Rizkallah has a 21 year relationship with living in community and shares his most recent milestone in that journey with Valery. Together they founded the Clarens Commons community in Toronto. 

Karim joins Valery as a podcast key contributor to answer listeners’ questions about living in and nourishing community.

Life Without Us Episode 3 guest Karim Rikallah is standing on the side of a snow covered mountain wearing a large blue backpack with a plush toy panda attached to it on his back.
Photo provided by Karim Rizkallah

In this episode:

  • Has the word “community” been hijacked?
  • Is it useful to distinguish between so-called “big community” and the more organic, member-driven communities that many of us try to foster in our day-to-day lives?
  • What do we mean by “living in community?”
  • How do you determine fit for your community?
  • What makes a space ideal for cohousing or other big community project?

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