Hima Batavia on the Friendship Renaissance

Episode 7: Hima Batavia on the Friendship Renaissance

I think part of the heartbreak is that we actually think friendships are going to last forever . . . You just think: why wouldn’t we be in each other’s lives forever?

Hima Batavia

Hima Batavia is a writer, artist, and cultural designer based in T’karonto. Her practice focuses on rewriting and weaving narratives for our collective liberation, and exploring aesthetics of care and well-being, across conceptions of time / space through collaborative processes and performance-based works.

Inspired by an edition of Hima’s weekly newsletter called “the friendship renaissance is here (Which gives me all the hope),” host Valery and Hima mic’d up for this double episode unpacking the role of friendship in our lives, and in our concepts of community. Why double? Our convo was just too good to stop sooner!

A black and white photo of writer, artist, and cultural designer Hima Batavia is centred on the turquoise episode artwork for Life Without Us podcast episode seven. In the bottom right corner the episode title Hima Batavia on the Friendship Renaissance is written in turquoise writing within a soft yellow rectangle.
Photo provided by Hima Batavia

 In this episode:

  • Friendship in the age of COVID-19 
  • Yes, healthy conflict in friendship is possible (and conflict avoidance is not it)
  • The profound pain of friendship breakups (and what a healthy one might look like)
  • Are your friends your community? Can you have a community without friendship?
  • Normalizing not having friends (meeting your needs for connection and intimacy > having a long list of ‘friends’)
  • How to friend with the neurodivergent
  • How might we build better friendship infrastructure?
  • Friendship and relationship hierarchies
  • Friendship futures. 

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the friendship renaissance (Which gives me all the hope)

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