Gillian Morris on How to Share Your Space

Episode 2: Gillian Morris on How to Share Your Space

“We don’t have a lot of training in our culture for how to share your space with people that are [not] your family or your significant other.”

Gillian Morris

Gillian Morris is the founder of Hitlist, a travel app that helps you find cheap flights, and co-editor of the Supernuclear Guide to Coliving. Gillian has been founding and living in coliving communities since 2015 and believes she is a better person because of it. 

Valerytalks to Gillian about how to make living with other adults who are not  your family work, and Gillian’s belief that while coliving may not be for everyone, it is something that would make sense for many more people than are practicing it right now.

Gillian Morris is wearing a large brimmed hat while on a beach with a row of palm trees and blue sky in the distance behind her.
Photo provided by Gillian Morris

In this episode:

  • How our childhood experiences can create space sharing mindsets
  • The fears that prevent people who are coliving or cohousing curious from making the leap
  • The guardrails that help make member-founded coliving communities work better for everyone (vs. commercial coliving residences, where someone operates the community for profit)   
  • Stories of laughter and love from Gillian’s 20+ member coliving community in Puerto Rico . 
  • Why now is the best time start a community (yes, right now)
  • Why we need to re-examine societal expectations around independence that are bad for the planet and bad for people, too. 
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Supernuclear Guide to Coliving 



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