I am a health and social sector executive with more than fifteen years of experience helping people and organizations make better decisions and have greater impact. My career has spanned levels of government and crisscrossed the not-for-profit, charitable, community, hospital, mental health and addictions, and social innovation sectors.

A lifelong mental health advocate, my most recent role was as CAMH’s Director of Planning and Strategy where I led the development of the hospital’s new strategic plan, One CAMH.

As a mixed-race, cis-gendered, Latinx woman-of-colour, my personal experiences at the intersections of privilege and oppression are a driving force behind my efforts to work with others to build healthier, more inclusive organizations, communities, cities, and societies.

Core to all of my work is a passion for connection. I believe that positive personal, community, and social support networks and connections are critical to helping each one of us move from surviving to thriving.

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