Why daily practices are the key to lasting change

I doubt I’ll be the last person you’ll hear this from.

For many of you, I’m not the first.

Yet it bears repeating: how you spend your days determines your results at the end of each week, month, year, and so on. 

This is not a call to cancel long-term goal setting or an attempt to overburden your days.

It’s a simple prompt to remind us that daily practices are key if we want to nudge into reality any aspirations, goals, words for the year, or visions we identify for ourselves or our teams.

A calendar for the month of January sits next to a pocket watch and a house plant.
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Schedule dedicated time

Are you committed to getting yourself and your team more on top of your deadlines? Dedicate 10 minutes, twice a day to reviewing and prioritizing your to do list with an app like Trello.

Want to feel more “flow” in your writing this year? Block off time time for a daily free writing session.

Looking for ways to use your privilege to support anti-racism in your workplace? At the end of each day, write down any experiences you had where the voices of Black and Indigenous folks and other people of colour were missing or ignored. Once a week, write down something you might do to help end that erasure.

Of course, not everything we do is daily. 

It’s also the case for many of us that if we try to put in place too many new practices at a time (pretty much any number higher than one), we will likely fail to turn them into ongoing habits.

The point is, big things need to be broken down into smaller pieces, and we need to give those smaller pieces some dedicated space to take root before we try to plant more seeds. 

When we follow this process, it quickly becomes clear why daily practices are the key to lasting change.

Start now

So, what big thing are you most fired up about right now? Not three big things, not even two . . . what is your most important thing? (And, yes, supporting your or your team’s mental health absolutely counts!) 

Got it? Now, what’s a daily or at most weekly practice you will commit to doing to move it forward?

 Need help figuring it out? I offer priority setting and planning services to people and organizations dedicated to social change. My coaching practice focuses on women of colour. Please get in touch and we can identify and advance your most important things together!

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