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Photo of Valery Navarrete a strategist, facilitator, and community builder who offers consulting, facilitating, coaching, and speaking services.


The Circle: Women of Colour in Leadership

A new group coaching experience for racialized women in (or aspiring to) leadership at any level.


Valery catalyzes you to make Better Decisions, have Greater Impact and co-create Deeper Connection


The Circle: Women of Colour in Leadership. A new group coaching offering for racialized women in (or, aspiring to) leadership at any level.

Take the next step in your leadership journey as part of a cohort of women of colour ready to take on intersectional barriers and tap into your unique gifts, together.


Valery offers consulting, facilitation, coaching, and speaking services to people and organizations dedicated to social change.

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Valery’s specialty is Community-Centred Strategic Planning.


Valery is experienced in working with charities, not-for-profits, foundations, social enterprises, all levels of government, the broader public sector, and institutional and community health organizations.

She also works with emerging and existing cohousing and coliving communities.

Her coaching practice focuses on Women of Colour in Leadership.

What Clients Say

“Thanks, Valery, for your leadership on the development of our strategic plan. We’ve had such an overwhelming response. Its simple messaging and practical milestones make it a powerful living document guiding our work.”

Lori Spadorcia, Chief Strategy Officer and SVP, Communications and Partnerships, CAMH

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Innoweave Grants

Are you a community organization that would benefit from financial support to work with Valery? Click here for information on how to apply for an Innoweave grant to work with her.

Woman-of-Colour-Owned Business

Learn about Valery’s ‘why’ as Woman of Colour leader and entrepreneur in this clip from an interview with Passion Coach Shilbee Dhalla-Kim.

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Life Without Us Podcast

Life Without Us host Valery Navarrete is a strategist, facilitator, and community builder who wants to inspire more of us to have more "us" in our lives. She is pictured here on a turquoise background under the heading Life Without Us.

As the producer and host of the Life Without Us podcast Valery shared two seasons of stories about community and connection to inspire more of us have more “us” in our lives.

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